Micah March 25th

When Tweets Collide

Just to get the self-promotion out of the way. Follow me on Twitter.

Today, I experienced three different aspects of Twitter, each one that I absolutely enjoy. Lets call it Shout Outs, Props and the Dozens.

The Shout Outs:

Our community is highly intelligent and giving.

Darren Rowse, who I met at SXSW, and runs a pretty popular blog called ProBlogger, tweeted that he was under the weather, and asked for submissions. In about 20 minutes he had 73. They are all posted here:

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@45n5Affiliate Rapping
@markcoruk We are on Reuters
@myrnaweinreichBreath With Eckhark & Oprah On ‘A New Earth’ Chapter 4
@cmiddlebrook 6 Months in Business – How Am I Doing?
@theunguruWhat Tool Do You Use For Reading Newsgroups?
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@mrscrumley Highlight Number 2: Atlanta Children’s Museum
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@remarkabloggerWhat Twitter Does for Me
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@ScrapNancyWhy did you loan me money if you think I’m that dumb?
@RoadHog Earthlings — A Discourse on Compassion
@palinodefive years and two months
@carterfsmithDear John, Where’s the Beef?

If you dont follow Darren on Twitter, please do. If you dont read his blog, you are missing one of the great blogs out there.

The Props:

Our community is teaching, learning, sharing and respecting.

Two people that I respect greatly, Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk, both had inspiring posts today. Each blew me away in different ways. The coolest thing? At the end of the day, Chris gave Gary props on his blog, and Gary returned the favor via Twitter.

If you dont follow Chris or Gary, please do. If you dont read Chris’ blog, or watch Gary’s videos (here or here), you are missing out on two of the nicest, smartest people out there.

The Dozens:

Our community is funny, witty, biting and silly.

Growing up, we played the Dozens. Basically a put down game, the idea was to “one up” the put down you received, by dropping a smarter, funnier, wittier put down. Its been called many things: Capping, Snaps, Getting Clowned, etc. but its the Dozens, dammit.

After another tweet from Jason Calacanis about his attempt to have the most followers on twitter, I finally was annoyed enough to tweet that I would donate $1 for each follower Jason lost to his favorite charity. Man, did I hit a hot button! There was a flurry of tweets, and retweets flying around. Some were really funny. Some were kinda silly.

What was the end result? Jason added about 75 new followers. Makes it even more funny.

If you havent unfollowed Jason, please do. If you do read Jason’s blog or watch him on qik or ustream, you are a lucky, lucky person. And, finally, my dogs are soooo much cuter than his.

(I do have a lot of respect for Jason and what he has accomplished. I just wish he understood the importance of community a bit more. Of course, if you tell him that I said something nice, I promise to send you links to the Tummyblr over and over.)

Twitter is an amazing reflection on people and human nature. You get what you give, and the biggest lesson that I have learned is this:

“Give And You Will Get; Take and You will Get Blogged and Tweeted about.”