Micah August 27th


There are themes in my life that I keep coming back to. Thoughts that I have had for years and years, but havent been able to either articulate or formulate. Yet.

Yesterday, I wrote about bidirectional value relationships. All day today, I kept seeing their application. For example, I have friends raising money for their startups. In the question of whether they should accept the term sheet or not, the answer is in the relationship. Is Value and therefore Power, shared? If no, then dont take the money. If yes, run to the bank.

Another theme that has been bouncing around in my brain since I cant remember when is the concept of the importance of moments. Yesterday I tweeted that everything starts and ends with a moment. And, today, my friend Sarah Townsend on the Social Vibe blog, posted this video:


I can remember exact moments in my life. All kinds. From love and heartache to business decisions to mistakes. I remember the moment I fell in love with playing lacrosse (and later coaching lacrosse).

Unimportant moments. Important moments.

I just know that its the moments in life that matter more than the big sweeping stories.

Yet, if moments are the most important components of our lives, why do we spend so much time forgetting about them and not discussing them?

Moments. I know thats what makes my life amazing (and amazingly difficult at times).

Do moments matter? Am I crazy for caring about the moments?