Micah June 19th

The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Over the past week or so, I’ve been asked a couple of times about my process for making a cup of coffee. I am not sure if it’s up to the hipster barista standards of some folks, but it makes a damn fine cup in less time than an automated coffee maker (take that technology!). So here is what I do.

Total time: 3-5 min


(Yeah, some of that is overkill, but if you are going to bang a nail, might as well use a big ass hammer.)


  • The water boiler should be filled and set at 195 degrees.
  • You have 5 minutes.


  1. Set the Esatto to 23.5 grams (I like it a bit on the light side)
  2. Make sure the Preciso is set to 24 on the main dial and E on the micro-dial.
  3. Put your beans in the grinder and press start.
  4. While it’s grinding, fold your coffee filter according to the instructions and put it in the Chemex (with the triple fold in the front).
  5. Set the Water Boiler to “Slow” and wet the filter in the Chemex.
  6. Pour the water out of the Chemex. Don’t worry about the filter, it won’t fall out of the Chemex.
  7. put the ground beans in the Chemex.
  8. Put the Chemex under the Water Boiler, and with it still set at slow pour just enough water to cover the beans. I tend to move the Chemex in a circular motion to make sure the beans are totally covered.
  9. At this point, wait. The beans should bubble a bit like gas is escaping from the ground beans. This is called blooming, and it is good. (Also an indication of fresh beans.)
  10. After about 30 seconds, fill the rest of the Chemex. Let it empty into the lower chamber, keeping the beans underwater. I tend to fill it about 1.5 times.
  11. Once it fills to the “bump” on the outside of the Chemex, stop and toss the filter plus grounds.
  12. pour it in the cup.

Boom. Good ass coffee.