A week or so ago, I sat down and started to think about personal projects I could get involved in that would be enjoyable, teach me a thing or two, and be beneficial to myself and potentially other people. So, I came up with a couple of projects. Two are still pretty rough around the edges, but moving in the right direction, one is really new and too early to bring to the light of day (its an idea still, working on getting some help – know a top notch WP plugin developer? Someone who will work for the challenge? Send them my way).

While I want feedback on both of these projects, please note, the designs ARE VERY ROUGH.

The first project is LearnToDuckTV.

I started playing around with video, and now I finally got to a point where I felt I knew enough about what I was doing that I could see a clear path of growth from video to video, that it was time to give it its own platform. So check out LearnToDuckTV. Episode 4 is up. It explores the concept of promoting community…

The second project is potentially more interesting. Its called 365andChange.

The idea is that rather than do a 365 day picture project or try to make major changes over smaller periods of time (My friend Rich Grote has a great idea around fitness and 120 days. You should follow him @heyrich and ask him about it.) I would make a small change every day for 365 days. The changes would be very small. Like smile more, or get more sleep. That kinda stuff. And I would video it each day.

The first video is up at 365andChange.

But thats actually not the interesting part. I would love to get more people to participate. I will happily host your 365andChange effort at <NAME>.365andChange, because I want to see the commonality of change across multiple people.


1) Do people change the same things over the course of time?

More importantly: Are people inspired by other people’s change? If that change is small, wouldnt that mean that we all are inspired by each other?

If that is true (which I believe it is), then if we are inspired by small changes in the people around us on a daily basis, then doesnt inspiration become viral?

Finally, if inspiration become viral and we are all making small changes for the better, doesnt that mean the world itself improves?

Life itself becomes the inspiration that drives each of us to be better people.

At least, thats my theory.