Micah May 24th

fixing #followfriday.

By now, most people know that #followfriday originated with me.

But thats not whats this post is about.

By now, most people that #followfriday has become the largest meme ever on twitter with, well…more #followfriday tweets sent than Ashton has followers (@aplusk followers < #followfriday tweets sent.)

But thats not whats this post is about.

For many people new to twitter, #followfriday has become a great way to discover new people to follow based on the recommendations of people that they trust.

Still not what this post is about.

Yet, with all the positives that surround #followfriday (searches for the words love and #followfriday reveal 10 times the number of results that searches for the words hate and #followfriday produce), for many people, #followfriday has morphed into something that can be a nuisance.

And thats what this post is about.

Since #followfriday began, I have gotten emails of suggestions on how to make #followfriday better. My response has been pretty consistent: “the cat is out of the bag”; “its like herding cats”; and “give the cat his stupid cheezburger!”

How can one person (me) effect change on something that so many (thousands and thousands of people) do every friday? There are plenty of blog posts out there that have made the suggestion that #followfriday tweets should be a couple of recommendations and reasons (which is how it began) rather than a list of usernames followed by the hashtag.

I even was asked on CNN about #followfriday, and I outlined how a basic #followfriday should look (one or two recommendations with reasons):

Yet, the ideas seem to keep heating up. My good friend Julia Roy wrote a great post on her thoughts on how to perfect the #followfriday tweet, which echoes many of the ideas that people have put out there across the web.

My favorite suggest to date was an example Steve Hall (an Old Timer in the industry *snicker*) who pointed me to this tweet by Don Knox:

Example of #followfriday

Which seems to be the best of both worlds.

I love the fact that so many people feel so strongly about keeping #followfriday useful for everyone, and that so many people feel such ownership over the meme, that they are all so vocal.

I believe as strongly today, Sunday, May 24, 2009, a full 129 days since #followfriday started, as I did on January 16. #followfriday has immense value to our community, and like anything that the community values, they are working hard at coming up with ideas on how to make it even better.

Would you please participate? How do we, collectively, continue the value of #followfriday?