I need your help. I recently read about how people are ranking for their names in Google, and telling folks that they are the #1 “insert name here.”

Well, I am #1 for Micah Baldwin, so its time to turn my focus on a much more important honor.

I want to be the #1 douchebag in the world.

I want to be the first result in Google when someone types in “douche bag.” When that happens, I will make tshirts and business cards that say “#1 Douchebag. Just Ask Google.”

Being the #1 Douchebag will be hard. It will be tough. I will not be able to do it alone. So, I am asking for your help. If you want to help me achieve my goal of being the #1 douche bag on Google, please link to this post or blog with the words “douche bag” or “micah baldwin is a douchebag” or “micah is a douche bag” or the more common, but incorrect spelled douchbag.

Help a young man achieve his dream of being the #1 douche bag in the world, according to Google. Its free and it will make you feel good.

It easy to help a douchebag out! Do it today!

You can also send me info [to micah at currentwisdom dot com] about douche bag companies or people, and I will try and write something nice. Like I did for that douche bag Andrew Hyde.