Micah January 28th

25 Dates.

While this blog is certainly a mix of personal and professional stuff, I very rarely will talk about my dating life. Thats because, well, on one hand, I am really private about that stuff (mostly out of respect for the other person), and well, on the other hand, I dont date a lot.

Tonight, my friends Danny and Christy suggested this 25 Dates idea. Basically, this is how it would work. I would ask, be asked, or get setup with 25 women, who I would spend some time with. The time would consist of coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks (whatever the woman decided, and was comfortable with), and I would write a blog post about each date outlining the experience and what I learned. The dates could be anywhere, not just Boulder/Denver. So things could always be set up when I traveled.

The women’s names would be anonymous (unless they gave me permission) and the posts would be in my style (which tends to be honest and sometimes humorous).

What I dont know is if this is a good idea? Im not doing it for any other reason that it would be great to meet a bunch of people outside of my small startup world, and the social experience would be interesting, and potentially really valuable.

Leave a comment telling me what you think. If you are interesting in participating (if its something I end up doing, which I will gladly announce here) shoot an email to 25dates AT currentwisdom [dot] com. Again, I have no idea if this is a good idea, but its certainly interesting.

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