Micah January 28th

25 Dates.

While this blog is certainly a mix of personal and professional stuff, I very rarely will talk about my dating life. Thats because, well, on one hand, I am really private about that stuff (mostly out of respect for the other person), and well, on the other hand, I dont date a lot.

Tonight, my friends Danny and Christy suggested this 25 Dates idea. Basically, this is how it would work. I would ask, be asked, or get setup with 25 women, who I would spend some time with. The time would consist of coffee, lunch, dinner or drinks (whatever the woman decided, and was comfortable with), and I would write a blog post about each date outlining the experience and what I learned. The dates could be anywhere, not just Boulder/Denver. So things could always be set up when I traveled.

The women’s names would be anonymous (unless they gave me permission) and the posts would be in my style (which tends to be honest and sometimes humorous).

What I dont know is if this is a good idea? Im not doing it for any other reason that it would be great to meet a bunch of people outside of my small startup world, and the social experience would be interesting, and potentially really valuable.

Leave a comment telling me what you think. If you are interesting in participating (if its something I end up doing, which I will gladly announce here) shoot an email to 25dates AT currentwisdom [dot] com. Again, I have no idea if this is a good idea, but its certainly interesting.

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  • Bad, bad, bad idea. You're the co-founder and a CEO of a startup. Like you got the time?

  • hubs

    25 dates – good idea. Blogging about them – bad idea.

  • I know right? Thats what I said.

  • even if beforehand everyone knew I was going to do it?

  • If you're serious about this you should try to track down a 1999 mockumentary called “20 Dates” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0138987/. Basically this guy Myles Berkowitz does the exact same thing (albeit with 5 fewer dates, one of which was Tia Carrere) “to save his love life and his career”. In real life, he's a filmmaker who never ended up making another movie, so I'm not sure how well that worked out for him. However, that could have something to do with its 4.9/10 IMDB rating. But for you I'd say it's worth seeing for research.

  • Micah, my friend Shea (a California Girl in Kansas) blogged it and did something similar. She found love along the way…you should definitely contact her about it. http://sheasylvia.com

  • moconbu

    Ummm can you please do this? I would enjoy it so much.. I want pictures of the dates – when they allow it. thanks!

  • Hurm. I'll check it out. I don't know if I am exactly “for” the idea,
    but I figured if enough people said do it, i'd give it a shot.

    Sent wirelessly.

  • Interesting. If I end up doing it, I'll reach out.

    Sent wirelessly.

  • Molly, done. I have no idea if I'll do it, it seems like a time sink,
    can I be objective? But, if I do, I'll try and include photos.

    Sent wirelessly.

  • I would agree with Jeremy on his “bad idea” point, but I also know that I've got waaaaay too much work and meeting the right person just can't be put off. I've had periods where I've put it off, but time just goes by and, well, we need other people.

    Whether or not you want to write 25 blog posts about this is something else entirely. But I'd certainly read it.

    You might want to check out http://50dates.wordpress.com/ in the mean time for some ideas on how Geeta's pulling it off–maybe you two should get together…

  • This gives me another idea I'm going to call “25 poops” …

  • itsmejoe

    This sounds like a variation on the theme of Ross McElwee's “Sherman's March” in which he gets a grant to make a documentary about the ongoing impact of the Civil War slash and burn campaign on the South, but right before he leaves to start, his girlfriend breaks up with him and so the movie becomes a first-person rolling camera account of his “dates” with women.




  • haha. is that before or after 25 beers?

  • I will check out her blog. Its interesting how its not a unique idea, and so many people seem to different opinions. Im still very much on the fence.

  • I like where this is going.

  • Interesting. I will check it out.

  • Dibs on your DC date!

    Sounds fun. Do itttt.

  • Now this is blogging I want to read. Do it!

  • This feels like the Bachelor via online to me. Maybe you could have me along with my flip cam or perhaps we talk to Justin.tv or… okay why can't you just me a nice girl at church?

  • I would love to hang out with you Kate, next time I am in DC. Here is the part that I am unsure of. How do I find 25 women to go out with me? I wonder if I could mechanical turk it… :)

  • Thanks Jim. I am getting closer and closer to attempting it. My friend Tim “outsourced” his love life, and that might be the way to go…

  • Maybe because I am Jewish?

  • Walk the eff away, Micah. That's my counsel as your PR person.

  • LOL – and that's the best answer so far.

  • I was channeling my Grandmother…you're right two wrongs don't make a right.

  • Damn you, no fun PR guy. What if I take you out for a date?

  • Nope. Unless you come bearing an iPad. And the 3G one, not the WiFi one.

  • We will have all versions for testing.

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  • I think it's a good idea and that, further, you could 4-5 dates at SXSW alone.

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