This is my first SXSWi, after years of being told I should go, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and got a ticket. And while this is just the middle of the event (came on Friday, its now Sunday, Im here until Tuesday), it is clear that there are three types of people here.

Those that didnt come.

This is the easiest group to identify. They are not here. They sure are telling the world about how they arent here tho. Tweets, blog posts and other online communications are being produced by this group almost ad nauseum about how bad SXSW is, or how they should have come, or trying to find out what they missed.

I can understand the disappointment or even the dismissal of SXSW. But you arent here. I get it. Let it go. Everything will be ok.

The Coders:

I love this group. This is why there is a SXSWi. These are the guys that make all the cool toys that we play with. All the great technologies that we talk about. Some of the folks I have met, like the founders of DodgeBall, Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert or Michael Sharon or several other coders are thinking about things that most people havent even realized that we should be thinking about. Without the coders, there is no Internet.

The Writers:

I consider myself part of this group. This is the group that absorbs the social aspects and interactions of SXSW and regurgitates, filters and pontificates through blogs and video. Walking into the Blog Haus at SXSW was a strange mix of an old school newspaper office and a frat house. I never counted, but I would guess the number of blog posts that were written in that hot, smelly room must have numbered in the thousands.

What’s unique about this group, is that unlike most journalist types, the writers were able to engage with the conference, and help shape it. More than through sessions; more than writing about the Great Zuckerberg Snafu. But through an infectious energy that embibed the entire conference. The writers were everywhere, watching, engaging and reporting on everything.

It this unique interaction between the Coders and the Writers that makes the interactive space so exciting. Without the symbiotic, sometime chaotic and conflicting, relationship between those two groups, the Internet would have never become mainstream. It was a joy to watch this in action at SXSW.

So which group are you? Did I miss one?