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Community is Big in Omaha

bigomahaWhat? Not another post about how awesome Boulder is?

About a year ago, I was meeting with David Cohen of Techstars and I remarked how there just had to be other blogs like ColoradoStartups and people like him who were passionate about their local tech communities.

“How cool would it be if there was a blog network of startup blogs?”

David mentioned Alex Muse down in Dallas who wrote the TexasStartupBlog, and a matter of days later we were all on the phone. Several months later, SpringStage was born. Both David (here) and Alex (here) write about it, and I am proud of my early help in getting it off the ground.

SpringStage is an example of a firm belief I have: That the true innovation in the US occurs BETWEEN the coasts, not ON the coasts. True innovation is where the problems are equally as difficult, but the resources are less.

I have seen it alive and well in Boulder. I have experienced it in other cities around the country, and with there being more than 35 bloggers in the SpringStage network, innovation clearly doesnt solely exist in San Francisco and New York.

At SXSW, I got to meet Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News and the organizer of the Big Omaha conference (May 7-8, 2009). I was blown away by his enthusiasm and love for Omaha. It is clear in the people he has gotten together to speak at Big Omaha, its almost like a mini-web 2.0 TED.

But whats more important is the recognition that entrepreneurship exists in every city in the United States, and we as entrepreneurs must foster that growth. Every time two people get together and figure out an interesting and unique way to solve a problem it should be celebrated.

I am looking forward to speaking at Big Omaha, partly because I am on a roster of my friends (current and yet to be), but mostly because I will be able to talk to local entrepreneurs and listen to their interesting take on how they are building the entrepreneurial community in Omaha.

If you are on the fence about attending, let me ask you: Are you a member of a entrepreneurial community? Is it doing everything you want it to do for you? Are you doing everything for your community you can?

At BigOmaha, I promised that we will explore ways you can do better by your community, and it can do better by you.

Or as Jeff says:

“The energy will be impossible to contain. We will begin building communities, companies and friendships. We will inspire new thoughts and completely new ways of thinking. We will develop visions: personal, shared, and civic.”

See you there?

By the way: Registration is only $199 until April 25. I would jump on it.

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