There was once a wide river, called the River Search, that was domain to a large and angry alligator by the name of Google. Every time a fish, or a bird, or a butler tried to cross the river, Alligator Google ate them for lunch.

One day, a frog, by the name of Yahoo, and a scorpion, by the name of Microsoft sat on the bank of the River Search.

“I sure would like to get across,” mumbled Scorpion Microsoft, “but I cant swim.”

“I sure would like to get across,” grumbled Frog Yahoo, “but I cant protect myself against the Google Alligator.”

After much launching of social networks and rebranding efforts, Scorpion Microsoft said to Frog Yahoo, “You know, I could ride across the river on your back.”

“But, Alligator Google will eat us,” whined Frog Yahoo. “I will protect us with my Stinger, which I like to call Desktop Applications and Operating Systems,” championed Scorpion Microsoft.

Frog Yahoo looked around and found no other options, and slowly nodded in agreement with Scorpion Microsoft. “You better protect us,” Frog Yahoo warned, “Alligator Google aint no joke.”

Scorpion Microsoft climbed on the back of Frog Yahoo, and they began to swim across the River Search.

About a quarter of the way across, Alligator Google roared in the form of an Open Letter, and Scorpion Microsoft bared its Stinger, in the form of an Open Response. Alligator Google, to the cheers of Frog Yahoo, swam away.

About three-quarters of the way across, Scorpion Microsoft looked at Frog Yahoo and stung him in the back of his head. As Frog Yahoo became paralyzed under the weight of the Desktop Applications, Operating Systems and Gigantic Overhead, he turned to Scorpion Microsoft, and asked, “Why? Why would you do that Scorpion Microsoft?”

And as Frog Yahoo and Scorpion Microsoft slowly sank into the River Search, Frog Yahoo heard above the laughter from Alligator Google, “Because I am a Scorpion, dummy. What else did you expect?”