Micah June 20th

About Me(ha!)

Official Bio:

Micah is CEO and Chief Community Caretaker of Graphicly. Graphicly provides a Saas tool for traditional publishers to convert, distribute and promote interactive ebooks across major marketplaces, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and Facebook.

Previously, Micah was VP, Business Development and Chief Evangelist for Lijit Networks, the sixth startup Micah has been involved in (having sold his last startup, Current Wisdom, in the beginning of 2007).

Micah got his start as a university fundraiser, being one of the first to fuze online activities and marketing strategies into alumni fund-raising. In 1996, he sent one of the first email campaigns to help drive alumni fundraising. Over his career, Micah helped universities such as The Catholic University of America and the University of San Diego see their annual giving programs grow by more than 150%.

Focusing on business development, online marketing and advertising, and product strategy, Micah was instrumental in the growth of companies such as MyPersonal (now Synacor – IPO), ServiceMagic (acquired by IAC), Indigio Group (acquired by Bridgeline Software) and other less successful startups, such as Kozmo.com.

Micah has helped author several books on internet and search marketing, and started the #followfriday meme on Twitter, which has become part of the fabric of the social web. A frequent speaker and with appearances on CNN and articles in many of the leading blogs, including Mashable and ReadWriteWeb, you can read about Micah’s philosophy of success through failure here on this blog.

Unofficial Bio:

There are a few things that I truly enjoy: writing (blogging and creatively) art (collecting and appreciating), teaching (mostly through coaching youth lacrosse), and hanging out with my dogs (Billie and Taylor). Beyond that, that “official” bio above can tell you about my work stuff.

Want to find me?

email: micah [at] currentwisdom [dot] com

phone: 720-248-8499

twitter: @micah

AIM/MSN/Y!: micahb37 and Gtalk: micahb